Copper Distilled. Original Taste.

Black Rose Satin Original is our take on a London dry style gin. A smooth, delicate palate with hints of citrus give Satin it’s unique taste profile.

Black Rose gin is distilled in copper pot stills and it’s this purity of copper distillation that gives Black Rose its unparalleled clarity, enhanced flavor, and toxin-free results.

Black Rose Satin owes its distinct and unique flavour to the perfect blend of five botanicals combined with our distinctive citrus soak technique that leaves a lasting taste on the palate.

It’s this citrus soak method after distillation that creates a refreshing and invigorating gin experience that you won’t soon forget. Undertones of orange, grapefruit and lemon combined with the juniper berry make Black Rose Satin the perfect gin for your everyday G&T or that world famous martini compliment.