Our Story

Launched in 2018, Black Rose is a South Africa produced and distilled Gin. Hidden in the mountains of the Cape, Black Rose Gin is beautifully crafted in a copper pot for enhanced flavor enrichment. Distilled just 60 kilometers outside Cape Town’s CBD, Black Rose is produced using only the finest botanicals and natural ingredients. A gin woven with the essence of the Cape and crafted with the passion and dedication of it’s people.

Our journey starts with the meticulous selection of botanicals. Five natural botanicals give Black Rose it’s exquisite taste. It’s this perfect blend of five that give Black Rose Satin it’s unique smooth, lingering finish. This perfect blend of five that when infused with the natural flavours of pomegranate or blood orange, offers a symphony of flavors that reflect the beauty of this remarkable region.

At Black Rose, crafting gin is an art form—an art that harmonizes age-old distillation techniques with modern innovation. Our copper pot stills gently coax out the essence of each botanical, ensuring a smooth and captivating final blend.

But Black Rose isn’t just about what’s inside the bottle, it’s about understanding that living is more than just existence, where every moment is a canvas waiting to be painted with experiences, that there exists a brand that embodies not just a product, but a lifestyle.

That life is a choice, a commitment to be filled with vibrancy, passion and love!

Black Rose is our invitation to you to embrace the rhythm of life, to feel the pulse of every sunrise, and dance under the stars. A symbol of a lifestyle curated by those who seek not just existence, but a symphony of experiences.

The Black Rose family consists of three brand expressions:


Our take on a London Dry style gin, it’s our copper distillation and unique botanical blend that gives Satin such a lingering, smooth aftertaste.

Pink Pomegranate

Infused with natural pomegranate to create a light, fresh and flavor bursting gin experience.

Blood Orange

Infused with natural blood orange to create a crisp, rich in flavor, savoring sensation


What People are Saying

All I want is to be the brand ambassador for this brand

Innocent Kgobane
Your gin is absolutely delicious – and so beautiful 🙂 I am a gin addict but really delicious… my family and friends were super impressed when I served it at a recent event we had

Julia Luckock

Just bought a bottle! No clue about the taste yet, but I love the packaging! So must be amazing

@claudinejriddle (Instagram)

“Best gin… by far… in love”

Morgen Kettle

Sure am as my bottle of #blackrosegin arrived today. Swoon I’m in love

@theinthingsupplies (Instagram)

It’s seriously yum, well done

@tonic.joburg (Instagram)

OK I NEED this in KZN… where can I get this

Caroline Wyly-Simkins

“It’s the most amazing gin I have ever tasted”

@life_of_lau (Instagram)